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With a frightening surge in the problems related to brain, spine, nerves, and skull, the demands of renowned neurologists have a significant ascent. The most of us are aware of the fact that neurosurgeons treat medical conditions pertaining spinal column, brain, nerves and skull. This domain of medicine is among the most complicated ones, as entire body functions upon it. As far as neurosurgery is concerned, it is the medical specialty which concerned with the prevention, treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of disorders that affects our entire nervous system including brain, spinal cord, spinal column, peripheral nerves and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Neurosurgery has undergone an emphatic change since its inception. The use of the surgical microscope, the availability of ultrasonic surgical aspirator, and the development of bipolar cautery have contributed to decrease morbidity and mortality. Owing to the inventive neuro imaging technology and equipment, the aims of treatments have shifted. Now, it is not only about saving life, but preserving all functions, shorter hospital stay, reducing pain, and avoiding discomfort are equally important, as well.

The best Orthopedic specialists in Delhi is nothing but an outstanding physician specializes in treatment and surgery of the nervous system as well as it surrounding structures. The role and aim of neurosurgeons is to maintain the flow of blood and oxygen to all parts of brain and hence minimizing the damage and increasing the prospect of recovery and survival. India is the very country whose neurosurgeons are prominent all around the world. These renowned experts provides you exceptional treatment (surgical and non-surgical) for brain and spine disorders that may include brain tumors, pediatric, radio surgery, spine and spinal cord surgery, epilepsy, movement disorders and many more.

The top neurosurgery hospitals in India are usually backed with qualified team of neurosurgeons equipped to perform procedures such as brain tumor surgery, spine surgery, disk replacement and more. There are numerous neurosurgery hospitals in India which are capable of providing effective treatment for emergency cases and that too on 24°7 bases. With their cost-effectiveness and world class services, Indian neurosurgery hospitals are among the best in the whole world.

Despite above mentioned traits, you need to ask some basic questions while opting for a neurosurgeon. They, of course, vary in nature and skill and it is what makes a big difference. Therefore, you are required to ask:

  • How many procedures have you done?
  • How many procedure you do in a week?
  • Have you ever had an infection?
  • How long you have been doing this procedure?
  • And have you ever had any complication?

Although there are a number of neurology hospitals in India, but IBS Hospitals is the best one. The hospital provides you the best neurologist in Delhi and all across the nation. IBS runs and hosts numerous national clinical and academic programs.  Apart from amazing world class hospital infrastructure, IBS has a dedicated neurosurgical team. The hospital is equipped with sensational operating rooms and specialized equipment‘s like X-Knife, computer assisted neurosurgery, and intervention Neuro etc.