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Best Neurology Hospital Ease Difficulties Of The Nervous System

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We perform all of our activities with the help of nervous system. The actions of the body are coordinated by this system only. This is done by transmitting signal to and from different parts of the body. The nervous system detects environmental changes that impact the body and works with the endocrine system to respond to such events. But there are some diseases and disorders of the body which don’t let our body function in the best possible manner. If you are suffering from any of the related diseases, then consult IBS hospitals. It is the best neurology hospital in Delhi.

IBS’s neurological and neurosurgical departments offer all the procedures and techniques necessary for a precise diagnosis as well as precise guidance during brain surgery. Here, you will be treated by the best neurologists in Delhi. One of the techniques which are commonly imparted by our surgeons is artificial disc replacement.

It is a surgery done to replace a painful disc with the help of an artificial disc. It may be performed on the lower back or the neck area. They are designed in order to mimic the form as well as function of the spine’s natural disc. They are steadily emerging as an alternative to spinal fusion for the surgical treatment of severe disc problems. It is suggested for patients with degenerative disc disease. These diseases can cause pain the body due to different reasons –

  1. Portions of the nucleus can bulge out and push on these fibers.
  2. The annulus comes in contact with nerve fibers or nociceptors.
  3. Some proteins chemically irritate the nucleus causing pain as a result.
  4. Nerve fibers can grow into the cracks of the discs and cause pain.

There are two types of artificial disc replacement One is lumbar and the other is cervical artificial disc replacement. Artificial disc is either made of metal or plastic. An artificial disc replacement in the neck is done with the help of a specialized implant that tries to preserve motion in the neck. This procedure is also known as cervical arthroplasty as it replaces a joint.

In this procedure, general anesthesia is administered. A special surgical bed is used where the patient lies face up. Small incision on the front of the neck is made. Once the surgeon creates a window to see the spine, the damaged disc is removed and with surgical tools. The artificial disc is then added and carefully secured into place.