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Do Not Be Upset Your Nervous System Is In Good Hands

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There are various body parts that are of complex nature in functioning. If you look at any of the most important parts such as liver, heart, kidney etc. you will realize that they have very complex functioning. They work as a team and keep our body in a normal position. If we talk about our brain, then the same also holds true. The main function of the brain is to receive the information from other parts and coordinate actions and reactions of our body. The way how we talk, walk and feel is due to brain only. All the things that we feel and the memories that we remember are due to brain. Involuntary contractions such as heart beat and voluntary contraction such as movement of muscles is overseen by the brain.

If something happens to our brain, then immediate action should be taken because any delay can prove to be fatal. The branch of medicine that deals with complications of nervous system is called as neurosurgery and the physician who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the nervous system is known as neurosurgeon. There are different type of surgeries that comes the category of neurosurgery—

  1. Endovascular surgeries — diseases of vascular system are sorted with this surgery and it is a minimally invasive surgery.
  2. Deep brain stimulation — electrical signals are used to treat specific parts of the brain. One very common disease is Parkinson’s disease.
  3. Brian tumor surgeries — brain tumor surgery is done according to the nature of the tumor. The tumor can be cancerous or non cancerous.
  4. Awake craniotomy — in this type of surgery, patient is generally awake to avoid any brain damage.

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