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Brain is the central organ of the nervous system. The main role of the brain is to control various different activities of our body. It receives and processes all the information that it gets from the sense organs. The decisions are then made according to the signals. There are different diseases and disorders of the brain which does not let our brain function in a normal way. Brain Tumor is one of diseases which when diagnosed, should be treated immediately. For best brain tumor treatment in India, visit IBS Hospitals.

Brain tumor is a condition of the brain in which abnormal mass grows in the cell. A tumor is classified into two parts –

  1. Benign tumors – It is that type of tumor which does not spread to other parts of the body. It lacks the ability to invade nearby areas. They do not grow back once they have been removed from the body. They have slower growth rate but can be quite large in size.
  2. Malignant tumors – Malignant or cancerous tumor is that form of tumor which has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Primary tumor starts within the brain whereas secondary tumor starts somewhere else but spreads to the brain.

The primary cause of many brain tumors is not known. But some of the common known causes are –

  1. Ionizing radiation is caused from high doses of X-rays. Meningioma and glioma are two of the common types of tumors that are associated with brain tumor.
  2. Exposure to vinyl chloride is also considered as a cause. It is a gas with sweet odor but it is highly toxic and flammable and carcinogenic.
  3. Research is currently going on to see if mobile phones are related to brain tumor.

Brain tumor treatment is possible if the symptoms are identified in time. Some of the signs and symptoms are given below –

  1. Headaches which usually get worse in the morning.
  2. Nausea and vomiting.
  3. Memory problems.
  4. Mood change and sometimes personality change too.
  5. Numbing of the arms or legs.
  6. Facial paralysis.
  7. Dilation of the pupil.

A best brain tumor surgeon in Delhi can suggest the following surgeries to you –

  1. Biopsy – Biopsy is the technique to remove the tissue from the body to look for tumor cells. It is the most suitable way to diagnose a brain tumor. A needle biopsy is used when the tumor is deep inside the brain or cannot be operated.
  2. Craniotomy – This technique is imparted to get access to the brain by temporarily removing the bone flap from the skull. This piece of skull is then replaced.
  3. Partial removal – Partial removal is helpful in decreasing the risk of neurological damage.
  4. Complete removal – As the name suggests, this procedure removes the entire brain tumor with the help of surgery.

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