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Get Your Joints Checked at The Best Orthopedics Hospital

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No matter how old you are, but you will need the help of your body to do anything. To complete any task, your body will assist you. Without the assistance of the body, there won’t be anything possible. This is why it is important to keep the body. Parts that help in the movement of our body should be kept safe. The department that handles the movement of the body is orthopedics. It consists of the musculoskeletal system. If any problem occurs in our musculoskeletal system, then trouble will arise. There will be lot of pain in even lifting our arm or bending our legs. In this case, you should consult a doctor. The process of selecting a doctor should be careful because the treatment will directly affect your health. In this regard, IBS Hospitals is the best orthopedic hospital in Delhi.

Orthopedic is that department which deals with our musculoskeletal system. If we talk about our musculoskeletal system, then it consists of muscular and skeletal system. The ability to move our body is given by our musculoskeletal system. There are different body parts that get affected if we are not able to move properly. This is the time when you should go for joint replacement surgery. There are different types of orthopedic surgeries that are very common. Some of the most common are given below –

1. Total knee replacement – the procedure to replace our damaged knee with the help of metal or prosthetic devices is known as total knee replacement. This procedure is carried so that you can get rid of severe pain of your knee from arthritis. Injuries of our knee do not even allow us to do daily activities. Anesthesia is generally given while this surgery takes place.

2. Total hip replacement – the most common disease of the hip is hip arthritis. The main aim of our hip replacement is to remove damaged and worn parts of the hip joint. The problem of hips occurs specially in old age. The pain of hip occurs when two bones scrape with each other. Because of wearing effect, the joint gets hollowed, dissolved and uneven resulting in stiffness and stability. But risks are also there with this surgery.

IBS is the one of the best hospital in Delhi. There are highly experienced doctors in our panel for joint replacement surgery.