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IBS Gives You The Best Kyphoplasty Surgery For Fractures

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In our busy schedule, it has become almost impossible to take out time for ourselves. If there is any time that is left for us, then we spend that time lazing around and giving our body a rest. Engaging in physical activities is a must for our body. This will help you in the long run. Our body will remain fit and increase the longevity of our life. This physical activity can be any form. Be it running, sports, yoga etc. Now, when we do any of these exercises, there is use of many body parts. These body parts range from our upper body to the lower body. They have to work together in order to make our body move. One of those body parts is our vertebrae. If anything happens to our vertebrae or if there is any damage, then it can be solved with the help of kyphoplasty surgery. At IBS hospitals, you will get efficient kyphoplasty surgery in Delhi.

Vertebrae are those segments that make up the vertebral column. The main function of our vertebrae is to protect our spinal cord. The upper and lower part of our vertebrae is joined to the intervertebral discs. The strength to our spinal cord is given with the help of vertebrae. There are four major functions of our vertebrae. They are –

  1. Vertebrae form the vertebral column which gives support to our body.
  2. It provides security and protection to our spinal cord.
  3. It also feeds the intervertebral disc.
  4. Movement and stability to our body is also the role of vertebrae.

Along with kyphoplasty, there is vertebroplasty also. IBS also gives vertebroplasty surgery in Delhi. Both of them are minimally invasive procedures. They help in immobilizing the bone fragments and reduce pain in a very short span. In these procedures, needle is inserted in the skin of your back. Particularly, in kryphoplasty surgery, a balloon is inserted. After the insertion is done, it is inflated to enlarge the compressed vertebra and then the space is filled with bone cement.

The benefits of kryphoplasty are –

  1. Operating period is less.
  2. Bracing is not required.
  3. Anesthesia that is given is less in quantity.
  4. Recovery is faster and you can go home the same day.

IBS Hospital is the best hospital in Delhi, India for lumbar disc disease treatment.