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Improve Your Sleep Pattern With Sleep Disorder Treatment

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As we grow older, the concept of free time disappears. There is hardly any time for us to engage in recreational activity and this is specially said in the case of working people. Most of their time gets over while working and we are not able to do what they like. One important thing which is necessary for humans to perform in a normal manner is proper rest. Rest is very necessary in frequent intervals because then only we will be able to put our best foot forward. When we go home, the best way to get that rest is in the form of sleep. It will be very difficult to lead a normal life if we are not able to sleep due to any problem. We need help of trained professionals for this problem and IBS hospital is the best to give sleep disorder treatment in Delhi.

Sleep is the condition of our body and mind which recurs for several hours at night. While we are sleeping, there is only slight consciousness and relatively inhibited sensory activity. All of these daily schedules are interrupted in the case of sleep disorder. Sleep disorder is a medical condition affecting our sleep patterns. This disorder should not be taken lightly as some of them are sever enough to interfere with our normal mental, social and emotional well being. Some of the common disorders are –

  1. Restless leg syndrome – in this condition, there is irresistible urge to move legs and this condition gets worse in the evenings.
  2. Jet lag – this is a common condition which occurs in travelers when they go to a different time zone.
  3. Narcolepsy – it is the most common sleep disorder in which nights are sleepless and your body feels lethargic in day time.
  4. Sleep apnea – our sleep gets disturbed due to obstruction in flow of air. Breathing problems appear all night long which may vary from seconds to minutes.

Neck pain treatment

IBS also gives you effective neck pain treatment in Delhi. Pain which involves tissue of the neck comes under the category of neck pain. Our neck extends from the skull to the upper torso. Any abnormalities, inflammation or injury can cause neck pain and stiffness. Most of the neck pain occurs from an accidental injury or an inflammatory disease. There is muscle tension present which happens due to poor posture or sleeping with your neck in a bad position. The diagnosis of neck pain is done with the help of blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans etc. Relief of neck pain happens with the help of ice and heat therapy, exercise, pain medication, a neck collar, traction. When all the normal procedures have failed, surgery is the end option to treat neck pain. Cervical neck surgery in the form of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is the most common one.

Back pain treatment

Pain which affects our upper and lower portion of the spine comes under the category of back pain. Back pain treatment is best imparted at IBS hospital. Most patients with this disease will suffer pain that is centered on the lower back but can radiate to the hips and legs. This type of pain is worse while sitting and bending.

It is treated with lumbar spinal fusion surgery and lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery. Replacement of disc is a better option than fusing the discs together as it maintains more of the normal motion in the lumbar. If you are suffering from lower back pain, then you can opt for spine surgery in Delhi.