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Improving The Mobility Condition With Best Joint Treatments

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All of us who have a normal joint will have bones which is smooth, having glistening surface made of a substance called articular cartilage on their ends that allows one bone to glide easily against another. These joints are further lubricated by a thin layer of fluid called synovial fluid which acts like oil in an engine to keep moving parts gliding smoothly.

In situations when the articular cartilage wears out or is damaged the joint fluid becomes abnormal, problems develop and joints often become stiff and painful –that is arthritis. Arthritis could be of many types, but the basic problem is the same in all types: the joint surfaces are worn out or not moving properly. In some cases, it may be possible to treat arthritic joints surgically, including joint replacement procedures. We are one of the best hospital In Delhi providing the best treatment for joints.

Ibs hospital has the best orthopedic surgeon in India who has mastered the art to treat conditions of painful joints and stiff muscles. We provide treatment for all the joints whether it is related to shoulder replacement therapy or hip joint replacement. Our aim is only to improve the mobility condition and reducing the pain at the same time. This replacement includes the artificial parts of the shoulder and hips which are usually made of metal or plastic, or a combination of these.

Joint injections, Oral medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy exercises and protective splints, surgery to fuse bones together – called arthrodesis– which relieves pain by eliminating motion between damaged joint surfaces are some of the major procedure which is required to repair related joint injuries.

There are even some risks of joint replacement surgery which include Implant loosening, fracture or wear that occurs over time and which may require subsequent surgery to repair or replace the damaged parts. There may be cases of infection, joint stiffness or pain, dislocation of the artificial joint, damage to vessels, nerves or other structures in the region of the surgery. We provide the best joint replacement surgery in Delhi and hence you are under a number of risks when you come to our hospital for any joint related procedure.

In many of the joint problems the problem is due to tension caused due to age. This happens because we tend to have more responsibilities as we get older. Whether it’s becoming a parent or having all the worries that come with being at the height of your career, we have too much going on. Individuals who have an inability to let go or forgive are also seen suffering from joint related issues. We have the best orthopedic specialist to take care of any joint related problem.