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Solve Matters of Nervous System at Best Neurology Hospital

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With the help of different parts, our body functions in a normal manner. This is to make sure nothing happens to our body. From the outside, it looks like all the matters of the body are so easy to do but in real, this is not the case. It is very complex and everything should be in order. The same can also be said for our nervous system. Nervous system plays a vital importance in normal functioning. If there is any disorder of our nervous system, then it can turn out to be fatal too. You should look for the best hospitals to get rid of your neurological problems. IBS hospital is the best neurology hospital in Delhi.

Nervous system consists of central as well as peripheral nervous system. Central nervous system consists of our brain and spinal cord whereas peripheral nervous system consists of all the nerves and ganglia that are present outside of our central nervous system. The diseases of nervous system can also lead to damage to our brain and there are some diseases which can affect our brain which will lead to loss of memory. One of the most common memory related disease is Alzheimer disease. In this condition, your memory starts to fade which also leads to change in behavior and not knowing even basic things like your house address etc. At IBS, you will get the best neurologist in Delhi.

A brain stroke is also common if our nervous system gets hit. Brain stroke is one of the most deadly conditions which can also take your life. You should be careful about the symptoms and their identification is of critical importance. In a stroke, there is paralysis on one side which is the most basic symptom. There is feeling of numbness in one side of the body. You are not able to move your hand or feet. There is confusion and difficulty in speaking. And even understanding what is being said becomes troublesome. In case of a brain stroke, there is trouble in vision too. You are not able to see properly and blurry images are only available. If you are not able to coordinate the body movements, then it is a sure sign of brain stroke.

IBS is the best hospital in Delhi where there are highly capable best neurosurgeons present who will help you in every step so that you can get better.