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Surgery Of Brain and Spine at the Best Hospital

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Surgery is an end procedure in any condition. If there is a disease or condition, medication and less invasive methods such as therapy are tried but when there is no improvement in condition, surgery is imparted. This is done in order to make sure that there is complete eradication of the diseases from the body. And when it comes to our brain and spine, quality care becomes even more critical. IBS is a known name to take care of this. It provides you high quality brain and spine surgery in India.

Brain Surgery

Brain is the part of the body which controls all the major activities of the body. It consists of the cerebrum, brainstem and cerebellum. IBS is known as the best brain surgery in Delhi for its accurate diagnosis and to the point treatment. There are different types of brain surgeries. The type of brain surgery which is done depends upon the condition which is being treated. Brain surgery is done if you are suffering from the following conditions in or around the brain –

  1. Abnormal blood vessels.
  2. Bleeding.
  3. Blood clots.
  4. An aneurysm.
  5. Epilepsy.
  6. Parkinson’s disease.
  7. Brain tumors.
  8. Fluid building up in the brain.

A brain surgery clinic and treatment center imparts some of the following surgeries –

  1. Craniotomy – this type of surgery is done to deal remove tumors, get rid of aneurysm, drain blood from the fluid, remove abnormal brain tissue etc. Incisions are made and a hole is created known as bone flap in the skull near the area of the brain which is to be treated.
  2. Biopsy – it requires small incisions which are made in the skull to remove a tiny amount of brain tissue. This brain tissue which contains tumor is examined under a microscope.
  3. Deep brain stimulationin this procedure too, small hole is made in the skull but no tissue is removed. Instead, small electrodes are inserted into a deep portion of the brain. The electrode will be connected to the battery and electrical signals will be transmitted to help symptoms of different disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery – in this surgery, tumors and lesions are removed from nose and sinuses. Access to the brain is there but with no incisions. An endoscope equipped with lights and camera is used so that surgeon can see where they are operating. It is sued to eradicate tumors from the pituitary gland, tumors growing at the bottom part of the brain.

Spine surgery

Spine surgery is done to correct the disorders of spine which bring a lot of discomfort to the body. IBS Hospital is a best spine surgery in Delhi as there are different spine surgeries which are imparted here. Our team has expertise in managing disorders of both operative and non-operative treatment modalities. Some of the common surgeries which are provided at our hospital are – discectomy, laminectomy, lumbar puncture, vertebroplasty etc.