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Treat Spinal Compression Fracture in the Form of Kyphoplasty

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Spine is also known as backbone. In more medical term, it is known as vertebra. Spine plays an important role in our body. The work of spine in our body is to support the weight of the body. It also protects our spinal cord. It runs from the base of the skull to the pelvis. Spine also helps us is standing when we are sitting and vice versa. There are many disorders and diseases which affect the working of spine and compression fracture is one of them. There are different treatment methods for that but the most effective is kyphoplasty surgery. You will get the finest kyphoplasty surgery in Delhi only at IBS hospital.

IBS is the best institute of brain and spine in Delhi. In imparting kyphoplasty surgery, there are three main goals which should be achieved –

  1. Eliminate or reduce back pain.
  2. Prevention of collapse of the fracture and avoid an increase in spinal deformity.
  3. Improving posture of the patient by restoring normal spinal alignment.

It is a minimally invasive form of surgery which requires no surgical incision and is performed under local or general anesthesia. It usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes for this procedure to get complete. In this procedure, patient is first lied down on the operating table and is under the effect of anesthesia. Two tiny incisions are made in the back and each of them is about 1/6 or an inch long. With the help of an X-ray imaging, specialized tubes are inserted directly through the incisions.

Each tube has specialized balloon which is inserted into the collapsed vertebra. These balloons are filled with a liquid once they are in place with the goal of re-establishing the original height of the collapsed vertebra. Then the balloons are deflated which leaves an empty cavity within the bone. Cement is then inserted into the empty cavity within the bone that has now been expanded. The cement hardens within minutes.

Vertebroplasty surgery is a similar process. The goal of this surgery is also to stabilize the spinal fracture and stop the pain caused by the fracture. Both of these procedures are helpful in immobilizing the bone fragments and reduce pain immediately. It is important to have these procedures in a good spine surgery clinic. Some of the benefits of this procedure are –

  1. The operation gets over quickly.
  2. There is no requirement of brace.
  3. The anesthesia which is given is of very less quantity.
  4. You can go home the same day.
  5. Recovery is quite fast and return to normal activities also happens swiftly.

IBS is also known for its trauma surgeries in Delhi. Trauma is a type of damage in which there are intentional or accidental injuries which are life threatening in nature. Our hospital has trauma experts who can treat severe bone fractures including compound fractures near the joint, multiple broken fractures etc. Some common trauma surgeries could be enlisted as fractures of clevical, elbow fracture, fractures of knee and patella etc.