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Department of Diagnostics brings together state- of- the art technology and highly trained personnel to back up the clinical and surgical expertise of the center. The department performs neuro diagnosis, radio diagnosis, pathology and uro dynamic studies and provides comprehensive diagnostic and personalized service, to physicians and patients alike. We combine sophisticated testing and informatics capabilities to provide very best results in the field of Diagnostic Services.

  • Diagnostic Services at IBS Hospitals
  • Radiology- CT Scan & MRI
  • Pathology- Automated Lab
  • Neurophysiology Lab- EEG, EMG, NCV 
  • Uro dynamics Lab


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Radiology is a branch of medicine in which medical imaging techniques are used in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders by the specialists. There should be adequate training in understanding radiation safety while using this technique....

Pathology is a branch of medicine that involves the precise study of the cause, origin, and nature of the disease. It encompasses the examination of body tissues (biopsy, pap smears), organs, bodily fluids (blood, urine) and in some cases...

The urodynamic lab is a critical laboratory in which diagnosis of urological diseases is made. It identifies the urinary outflow obstruction and lower urinary tract dysfunction. The diagnosis of these procedures are carried out in a specially...

The Neuro - diagnostic lab is used to test different neurological functions of the body. The word neuro is associated with the diagnosis of all the conditions and diseases of the nervous system including the brain and...

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