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In Neuro-Navigation Guided Craniotomy a navigation screening protocol is performed which assists the surgeon in planning tumor resection. Once registration is completed, the computer can show the relationship of the surgical instruments to the imaged brain in real time. You're in good hands with us. We diagnose and treat patients, remove tumors and repair spines. We restore movement and function, relieve pain and help you get your life back on track. 
We are highly skilled and extremely motivated surgeons, with a hand- picked team of specially trained clinicians and support staff who help us plan for your surgery, treatment and recovery. This type of approach to surgery and care doesn't happen everywhere, but it does happen here. We are among some of the very best practicing medicine- and we're ready to help you when you need us. 

Surgeries Performed

  • Navigation Assisted Brain Tumor Surgeries
  • Pituitary Tumor Surgeries
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Awake Craniotomy
  • Endovascular Surgeries
  • Endoscopic Brain Surgeries
  • Skull- Base Surgeries
  • Epilepsy Surgeries
  • Pituitary Surgeries
  • Minimally Invasive Brain Surgeries


  • Supports Minimal Access Approach
  • Improve Surgery Outcomes        
  • Pinpoint Accuracy Real Time Orientation of Surgery 
  • Reduces Operating, Hospitalization  and Recovery Time     


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Neurosurgery EXPERT SPEAKS


Brain tumor surgeries are of different types and could be done for both benign and malignant tumors. Traditionally, open surgery approach was followed based on the MRI/CT scans, however, our surgeons at IBS Hospitals use Neuro- Navigation...

Deep brain stimulation is a surgical process of implanting one or more electrodes in specific regions in the brain to deliver continuous high-frequency electrical impulses to the brain. These electrodes produce impulses which regulate abnormal...

Epileptic seizures could be as a consequence of temporal lobe epilepsy (about 80%) or due to various brain conditions such as gliosis, low-grade tumors and vascular malformations in the brain. Overall 70 % of the patients respond to medications...

In our centers, our surgeons perform pituitary surgery with three different approaches, based on the best possible outcome criteria. Surgeons would employ Endoscopic trans-sphenoidal surgery, Microscopic sublabial or Microscopic trans-nasal...

Awake craniotomy is a brain surgery performed while you are awake, reducing the risk of damaging critical brain areas that control speech and other skills. The procedure is generally performed to treat various brain conditions, including...

Gamma knife is well established non-invasive treatment method used to treat brain tumors and other conditions of the brain. It is an alternative to traditional brain surgery for the treatment of certain complex brain conditions. Prior to...

Consult with Experienced Doctors

Dr. Sachin Kandhari

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Pervez Ahmed Khan

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. V.K. Rajoria

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Swatantra Mishra

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Dewaker Sharma

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Khalid Mohammed Coco

Neuro And Spine Surgery

Dr. Dhruv Chaturvedi


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