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  • Orthopaedic Implant Prices
Ceiling Prices on Primary Knee Implant
Ortho Knee ImplantComponentMaterialCeiling Price without GSTCeiling Price with GST (5%)
Primary KneeFemoral ComponentTitanium Alloy₹38,740₹40,677
Primary KneeFemoral ComponentOxidized Zirconium₹38,740₹40,677
Primary KneeFemoral ComponentHi-Flex₹25,860₹27,153
Primary KneeFemoral ComponentCobalt Chromium₹24,090₹25,295
Primary KneeTibial ComponentTitanium Alloy₹24,280₹25,494
Primary KneeTibial ComponentOxidized Zirconium₹24,280₹25,494
Primary KneeTibial ComponentCobalt Chromium₹16,990₹17,840
Primary KneeArticulating SurfaceAny Material₹9,550₹10,028
Primary KneePatellaAny Material₹4,090₹4,295
Primary KneeTibial Tray + InsertPolyethylene or crosslinked polyethylene or high crosslinked polyethylene₹12,960₹13,608
Primary KneeTibial Tray + InsertTibial: Metallic Insert: Polyethylene or crosslinked
polyethylene or high crosslinked polyethylene or any other material
Ceiling Prices on Revision Knee Implant
Ortho Knee ImplantComponentMaterialCeiling Price without GSTCeiling Price with GST(5%)
Revision KneeFemoral ComponentAny Material₹62,770₹65,909
Revision KneeTibial ComponentAny Material₹31,220₹32,781
Revision KneeArticulating SurfaceAny Material₹15,870₹16,664
Revision KneePatellaAny Material₹4,090₹4,295


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