Dr. Rakesh Kapoor

Primary Specialties
  • Laproscopy
  • IBS Hospitals
    73 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 3
    New Delhi - 110024, India
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    Physician Bio

    Dr. Rakesh  Kapoor is Specialized in Laproscopy, the details are as below.


    • Passed MBBS in April 1998 from Govt.Medical College, Miraj (Maharashtra)

    •  Completed  Internship  from Delhi ESI Hospital  in April  1999.
    • Completed  M.D.  Anesthesia  from KEM  Hospital,   Parel, Mumbai   July 2005.
    • Worked   as  Sr.  Resident   in  Cardiac  Anaesthesia   in  Apollo  Hospital,   New
    Delhi (6 months)
    • Worked  as Sr,  Resident  in J.P.N.A.T.C,   AIIMS,  New  Delhi  (from  Jan 2006 to jan2009)
    • Working  as attending  consultant   in paras  hospital,gurgaon.(from  jan  2009-
    till date)


    •  General  Surgery -- Laproscopy,  Thoracic  Surgery
    •  Obs  & Gynae  -  Hystrectomy  (Vaginal  Abdominal)
    •  ICU Setup-   Various  ICU procedures,  TPN
    • Neurosurgery     -    Crainotomy,     Pituitary,    Posterior     fossa,    Sitting   Prone positions
    • Spine  Surgery
    • Cardio  Thoracic   Vascular   Surgery  - off  pump  bypass  surgery,   Cath.  Lab, ASD, VSD repair
    • Orthopedic  Surgeries  under spinal,   epidural,   blocks
    • Plastic  Surgery -  flaps operation,  skin  grafting
    • Urology  -  TURP,  PCNL,  Renal  transplants
    • ENT - Tracheostomy
    • Ophthalmology
    • Anaesthesia   for MRI;  C.T  Scan,  ECT
    • Peadiatric  Surgery


    • Thesis - Comparison   of  Propofol   -   Ketarnine   and  Propofol-fentanyl  as inducing,  maintainance   for short surgeries.

     • Publish as coauthor for "smart study series anaesthesia for PG entrance",   by
    Elsevier publication.

    • 'Sub-mental  intubation  -an   alternative  technique'  -publish   in   Bombay journal.

    • 'Atrial  fibrillation after  subarachnoid block     -a case report '-is  under scrutiny by IJA, India.

    • Runners up in orthopedic anaesthesia quiz-organized by ISA Mumbai.
    • AetpteanrtdmedentC. PCR  course for resuscitation conducted  by KEM anaesthesia
    • CME attended ---
    1.Anaesthesia for Jabour analgesia
    2. Anaesthesia for IHD patients
    3. Anaesthesia for head injury
    4. Anaesthesia in renal failure patient

    • Worked in Intensive care units-pulmonary catheter insertion, Vassopressor support, Difibrillation and worked with various ventilators.
    • Worked as emergency team in casualty and mass casualty situations.
    • Attended national CME on emergency and trauma medicine.

    • Attended   active  participation   in  conferences  conducted  in  AIIMS  - paedeatric, neuroanaesthesiology.

    • Attended  Trauma Management  and Mass  casualty  situation  course,  in
    Ram ham hospital, Haifa, Israel- sent hy AHMS.                                ·


    PERSONAL  DETAILS Date of Birth

    Father's Name Nationality Marital Status Spouse

    Delhi Registration  No. Passport No.

    101h  November 1973

    Mr. J.N. Kapoor



    Dr. Smita S Kapoor .
    (MBBS, M.S Ophthalmology)


    Bl 793820

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