spinal fixation surgeries

Spinal Fixation Surgeries

Orthopedic Our hospital has experts in well trained spinal surgeons who like The spinal fixation is a neurological procedure conducted at our Hospital in order to reduce vertebral mobility and also avoiding possible damage to the spinal cord. We have the world best experts to perform fusion and fixation, kyphoplasty, disc replacement surgery and surgery for spinal injuries.

Much spinal fusion procedure is augmented by a process of internal fixation of the spine known as spinal fixation. At IBS hospital our spinal fixation surgeries involves placement of metallic screws, wire loops, hooks, rods, plates or cages in order to stabilize the vertebrae and facilitate bone fusion. Our surgical procedure includes posterior and anterior vertebral body fixation. The fixation is not removed immediately and is followed by the fusion process which takes 6 -12 months after surgery.



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