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Alzheimer’s Disease​

What is Alzheimer’s Disease​ ?

Alzheimer’s Disease Management is an irreversible and progressive disorder of the brain that destroys memory and thinking skills and gradually the ability to carry out the simplest of tasks. At initial stages, people with Alzheimer’s Disease Management, notice mild confusion and difficulty in remembering small things. But as time goes on, people with this disease may forget close family members and even undergo dramatic personality changes.

It is considered one of the most common causes and factors related to dementia. It accounts for 60-80 percent of dementia cases. In Alzheimer’s Disease Management, the brain cells degenerate and die causing a steady decline in memory and mental function. There are a lot of visible changes in your life. Some of the symptoms which are observed by you are given as follows –

  • There is advance memory loss in case of Alzheimer’s Disease Management. It persists and worsens affecting the ability to function at work and at home. Patients may repeat statements and questions over and over, forget conversations, get lost in familiar places etc.
  • The patient is not able to concentrate and think. Multitasking becomes impossible and these difficulties may progress to inability to recognize and deal with numbers.
  • Routine activities are also hit. Planning and cooking a meal or playing your favorite game is not as easy as it was earlier.


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  • Drugs are helpful in dealing with the symptoms of this disease. Cholinesterase inhibitors work by boosting the level of a cell to cell communication by providing a neurotransmitter that is depleted in the brain. They can improve our neuropsychiatric symptoms such as agitation, depression etc. Memantine helps us in slowing the progression of symptoms.
  • Nutrition becomes an important part of easing off the symptoms. High calorie, healthy shakes, and smoothie should be offered using the favorite ingredient. A person with Alzheimer’s Disease Management should drink a lot of water such as water, juice and healthy beverages.
  • Alternative medicines support cognitive health and delay Alzheimer’s Disease Management. It includes various herbal mixtures, vitamins, and other supplements.

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