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Dementia Clinic​

What is Dementia Clinic​ ?

Dementia is a general term which is used for a group of diseases in which there is a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere in our daily life functioning. It is a combination of conditions that lead to decline in the cognitive intellect and hampers the person’s ability to work. Though dementia is related to memory loss but memory loss alone cannot be alone mean that you have dementia. Some of the common causes of dementia are –

Alzheimer’s Disease Management – it is the most common cause of dementia in people who are 65 years or older. Exact cause Alzheimer’s Disease Management is not known but plaques and tangles are often found in the brains of people.

Vascular dementia – it occurs as a result of damage to the vessels that supply blood to the brain. It can be caused due to a stroke or other blood vessel conditions.

Mixed dementia – mixed dementia commonly occurs in people who are 80 years and old. They have a combination of Alzheimer’s Disease Management, vascular dementia, and Lewy dementia.

Huntington’s disease – this disease is caused by a genetic mutation and causes certain nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to waste away. A severe decline in thinking occurs in people of age around 30 or 40.

Traumatic brain injury – it is a condition which is caused by repetitive head trauma such as experienced by boxers and football players. It might cause dementia leading to memory loss, uncoordinated movement and impaired speech.


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Dementia is many conditions cannot be cured but there are ways to manage the symptoms.

Cholinesterase inhibitors – these medications work by boosting levels of a chemical messenger which involved in memory and management.

Memantine – it works by regulating the activity of glutamate which is involved in brain functions such as learning and memory.

Therapies are used in treating dementia which is initially unsuccessful by the medicinal approach. Occupational therapy shows you how to make you reach home safer and teach coping behaviors. Accidents and behavior are prevented.

Your nearby environment is modified according to your need. Reducing the level of clutter and noise makes it easier for the patient to focus and function. Alternate medicine in the form of dietary supplements, herbal remedies, Vitamin E medicine, Omega 3 fatty acids, lowers your risk of dementia.

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