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Finetech Brindley Bladder Control​

What is Finetech Brindley Bladder Control​ ?

The Finetch Brindley Bladder Control System is a medical device that is implanted inside the body. The main aim of this device is to restore the bladder function which gets disrupted when the spinal cord is affected. There are other added functions that are possible with this machine. They include aiding of bowel evacuation and penile erection. Urinary incontinence is one of the biggest problems that can arise related to bladder. At IBS’s Spine Injury Cure center, we are the only hospital in Asia to take use of this machine for the next 12 years.

What is Finetech -Brindley Bladder Control System?
Finetech-Brindley is a medical device that is implanted inside the body. Its main aim is to restore bladder functions, aiding in the process of bowel evacuation as well as penile erection.

What is the procedure?
1. The control signals are generated with the help of external digital controller. There is internal receiver too which is implanted in our body with the aim of receiving those signals.
2. The stimulation programs are selected by the user. Control signals are sent by the external controller with the help of a transmitter lead.
3. The transmitter block is held over the site of the implant receiver. Now, the signals from the transmitter block are converted into the electrical impulses.
4. These impulses are transmitted to the electrodes with the help of extremely flexible cases.
5. Finally, the impulses are transmitted to the nerves with the help of electrodes which then causes the appropriate nerves to contract.

What are the benefits?
1. There is decrease in urinary tract infections.
2. Bladder capacity also increases.
3. Improved urinary continence.
4. Increase in independence.
5. Management of bladder function on a regular cycle.
6. Bowel functions also increase.
7. Quality of life also increases.

Are you a Candidate?
1. It is suitable for people who are skeletally mature.
2. If you are neurologically stable, then you are a candidate.
3. The candidate should have complete spinal cord lesion.
4. There should be intact reflex bladder contractions.

How to prepare a patient?
There are few tests that are to be done which take around 2-3 days. After the surgery is done, patient will be discharged after 2 -3 days. After the procedure is done, there may be requirement of follow up visits.


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