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Gamma Knife​

What is Gamma Knife​ ?

Gamma knife is well established non-invasive treatment method used to treat brain tumors and other conditions of the brain. It is an alternative to traditional brain surgery for the treatment of certain complex brain conditions.

Prior to the actual procedure, a lightweight stereotactic frame is attached to your head and certain MRI/CT imaging is done to pinpoint the target.

Once your imaging has been studied and accurate and very precise individual treatment plan is devised, you are sifted to a treatment room, where you would lie on a bed that slides into the Gamma Knife machine. The machine directs precisely focused beams of radiation to the problem area while sparing healthy tissue. These beams of radiation are positioned in a hemisphere so that all the beams can converge on a single point. The shape and the dose of the radiation are optimized to hit the target tissue and spare the healthy one.

The procedure is silent and painless. You would remain awake during the procedure and would be able to communicate with the doctor and the nurse. The treatment may last from few minutes to an hour depending upon the size of your tumor. Additional medications may be given to you to improve your level of comfort.

Once the treatment is complete your head frame shall be removed.


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Course In Hospital

Candidates for Gamma Knife surgery are assessed by our medical team prior to scheduling the procedure.

It is an outpatient procedure and you can go home the same day. You may be advised to bring a family member who can take you home.

Follow up and Recovery

Most patients do not have any problems during or post-treatment. Some may experience a mild headache or minor swelling where the frame was attached. Medications will be given for any discomfort.

Radiation treatments are designed to work over a period of time, thus the effect of the treatment shall be seen over a period of weeks or months. You would be asked to stay in touch with your doctor to assess your progress, which typically includes follow up MRI, CT or angiography imaging.

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