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Hip Revision Surgery​

What is Hip Revision Surgery​ ?

Hip revision surgery is a form of surgery which is done when hip replacement fails over time. It is a second operation done to remove some or all the parts of the original prosthesis and replace them with the new ones. In this procedure, regional anesthesia will be given to you. During the surgery, the diseased portions of the hip are cut away. The doctor will prepare the bone surfaces in the pelvis and the femur for the revision implants. The doctor will then insert the specialized revision implants. In most of the cases, multiple screws are used to hold the new cup in place until bone grows in.


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Course In Hospital

Day 1

You will be admitted to the hospital and you shall undergo medical investigations required prior to surgery. Investigation reports are evaluated and you are explained about the procedure. Pre-anesthetic check-up (PAC) is conducted and your consent for the procedure is taken.

Day 2

You would be moved to OT. You would undergo spinal anesthesia and surgery will then be performed. After the surgery, you will be shifted to the normal hospital room. Pain medications would be started. You may have an X-Ray of the operated joint.

Day 3

You would wear a Hip immobilizer and undergo cold therapy unit on the Hip. Our rehabilitation team would help you in getting mobilized.

Day 4

You will get out of bed with walker or cane and perform post-operative exercises. You will be discharged with follow up instructions on medications and physiotherapy.

Follow up and Recovery

It takes about 4-8 weeks for complete recovery after surgery. You would be asked to visit the doctor after 8-10 following surgery for incision inspection and stitches/stapler removal.

During 1-3 weeks after surgery, you would need walking aids, either walker or cane can be used. You may need an elevated commode seat and grab bar in the washroom for safety. During these weeks you would be encouraged to walk and undergo rehabilitation exercises. The same shall continue till6 weeks following which regular activity can be undertaken.

While recovering you would need to follow specific precautions provided to you by your therapists which include-

  • Do not pivot or twist your operated leg.
  • Do not kneel or squat.

In general, the patients recover well and would need routine follow-up, however, you may need to visit the hospital in an emergency in the case following occur-

  • You have increasing pain in the operative site.
  • There is increased redness, swelling, warmth or discharge from the operated site.
  • If your ability to flex(bend your Hip) has decreased or remains the same as when you were discharged from the hospital.
  • You have a temperature above 101 for more than 24 hours.

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