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Intensive Care​

What is Intensive Care​ ?

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a special department in a hospital where seriously ill patients are cared for by specially trained staff and intensive treatment medicines. It is also known as Intensive Therapy Unit or Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) or Critical Care Unit (CCU). It caters especially to patients with severe life-threatening illnesses and injuries which require constant and close monitoring and support from specialist equipment and medications.

All of this is done to ensure normal bodily functions. Patients who are admitted into ICU may be direct admission depending on the severity of the issue or they may be transferred from an emergency department if required. They can also be transferred from a normal or general ward if their health is deteriorating or the current treatment is not working as required. It is also distinguished from a normal ward as here you will find a higher staff to a patient ratio or in some cases even equal. You will find advanced medical resources and equipment that are routinely not available elsewhere.

Some of the common reason why a patient is admitted into an ICU are –

  • Serious accidents that have resulted in severe head accidents or severe burns.
  • A condition that is very sudden and acute such as heart attack or brain stroke.
  • Any serious type of infection such as sepsis or severe pneumonia.
  • Any major surgery which is preplanned and part of your treatment.
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