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Neuro Diagnostic Lab​

What is Neuro Diagnostic Lab​ ?

The Neuro - diagnostic lab is used to test different neurological functions of the body. The word neuro is associated with the diagnosis of all the conditions and diseases of the nervous system including the brain and spinal cord. This laboratory helps in diagnosing the extent of the neurological disorders and the body part which is suffered.

These tests evaluate and check the aspects of our central and peripheral nervous system. They are helpful in diagnosing seizures disorders, headaches, dizziness, stroke and episodes of fainting. The above-mentioned conditions are diagnosed with the help of following procedures –

EEG – Electroencephalography (EEG) is a physiological method to detect the electrical activity of the brain. It is done by using small, flat metal discs that are attached to the scalp. While EEG is used, wavy patterns or lines are shown. It is done in diagnosing brain disorders like epilepsy, brain tumor, head injury, stroke etc. Next step is taken by analyzing and studying the tests.

Nerve Conduction Velocity test (NCV) – This test is done to measure how fast an electrical impulse moves through to the nerve. During the test, electrode patches are attached to the skin to stimulate the nerves. One electrode stimulates your nerve and other electrode records it. The speed is calculated by measuring the distance between the electrodes and the time it takes for these impulses to travel between electrodes.

Neurovascular ultrasound – this measures the blood flow to the brain with the help of an ultrasound. State of the art equipment is used which imparts high-frequency sound waves for measurement. Carotid and transcranial Doppler are the key tests which are used in evaluating patients who have had strokes or are at high risk for stroke.

Autonomic neuropathy test – These tests are done to find out the disturbances in signal processing between the autonomic nervous system and the brain. It affects your blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration patterns, bowel movements, bladder emptying etc.


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