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Pain Management​

What is Pain Management​ ?

During any spine surgery, anesthesia is provided so that patient does not feel any pain or be uncomfortable. After the surgery, pain control becomes necessary to give patients the chance to go home after an outpatient spine surgery. Pain is managed by reducing the size of the exposure while performing the surgery. The deeper muscles are should also be infused with anesthetics. Pain management is also done with the combination of narcotics medication, muscle relaxers, and inflammation medications. Ice and cool therapies can also reduce the postoperative pain and swelling.


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You are given pain medication depending on the severity and kind of pain you are feeling. You can go home the same day.

Follow up

Follow up is required if the pain is not going away or if you are under the influence of heavy medication. During the follow-up, the medicines will be replaced with lighter ones or done away depending on your condition.

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