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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation​

What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation​ ?

One of the most effective methods for brachial plexus injury is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. At Spine Injury Cure center of IBS Hospitals, your injury of Brachial Plexus will be treated with the help of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. Brachial Plexus is that part of the spinal cord which initiates from the spinal cord in the neck and extends down the arm. Minor brachial plexus injuries can be solved in short time but some of them are severe and can cause permanent damage. This is when stimulation works in the best manner.

What is peripheral nerve stimulation of brachial plexus?
In this method, an electric current is introduced through the nerve which causes an excess ion flux through the axon membrane, thereby triggering an action potential. This method avoids prolonged currents and only rectangular pulses are given. Nerve stimulation is also impacted with the help of refractory periods.

What increase the chances of success?
The success of this process depends on the positioning of the local anesthetic solution near the desired nerves. Difficult nerve blocks are easily located with the help of electrical stimulation. If there is very much pain or if the patients are non cooperative, then also this method is helpful.

What are the benefits?
1. There is high chance of success.
2. The cost involved is also less when compared to ultrasonography.
3. The recovery period is also very short.
4. This technique is also highly durable.

Who are the candidates?
A patient who is suffering from pain and who has undergone various other conventional methods but with no positive outcome is a suitable candidate.

What are the conditions that are treated with technique?
It has become an increasingly viable option for some painful conditions with neuropathic and nociceptive origins.


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