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Sacral Neuromodulation​

What is Sacral Neuromodulation​ ?

Sacral stimulation is an effective treatment in the cases of spinal cord injuries which affects our urine and stool control. In many of the cases of spinal cord injuries, urine and stool control is lost. At IBS’s Spine Injury Cure center, you will be treated with the problem of urine and stool control with the help of sacral stimulation.

Why to undergo this procedure?
img The injuries of spinal cord mostly affect our bladder and bowel control. The nerves that control our bladder and bowel control are attached to the base of the spinal cord and they pass down through the cauda equine. There is no passage of messages to the brain from these nerves which means that you have no idea when to go to toilet.

What is the aim of this technique?
The main aim of sacral stimulation is to help people who experience bladder and bowel problems. It may also treat overactive bladder which also includes frequent and sudden urge to go to toilet. But this type of stimulation is not suggested to everybody. Suitability of the treatment is checked from individual to individual.

What is the procedure?
The process of sacral stimulation is performed in two different stages. The first stage is evaluation phase and the second one is transplant phase. In the evaluation phase, a thin wire is inserted near the sacral nerves in our lower back. These nerves control our bladder and bowel movement. There is an external device present which is connected to this wire. All of this procedure takes place less than an hour.

In the implant phase, a neurostimulator is offered. It is implanted beneath the skin in the upper buttock. It is round in shape with shape of a coin. A thin lead is also implanted in the lower back and connected to the device. The battery that is present inside lasts for around 5 years.

Who is a candidate?
Candidates who have considered conservative options such as lifestyle changes, medications etc have has limited or no success are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

What are the benefits?
1. It is an effective treatment.
2. It is considered as a safe option.
3. Improved quality of life is observed with this procedure.
4. This procedure is minimally invasive.


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