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A global destination for treatment of neurological disorders with experienced medical professionals and cutting edge technology. We aim to provide multidisciplinary care for disorders of the brain and spine.

Patient-Centered Care

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At IBS Hospital, we believe that advanced technologies, and innovative surgical procedures are the foundation of all successful recoveries. Our experienced team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, spine specialists and orthopaedic surgeons are dedicated to provide the highest quality of care and personalised treatment plans to help people overcome their medical conditions and reclaim their lives.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Improving lives with Advanced Neuromodulation

At IBS, we believe in the healing power of technology and adhere to the use of the finest neuromodulation techniques for expanding the transdisciplinary treatment line. Personalized Neuromodulation Wellness Programs are curated to address the individual preferences and needs of the patients while ensuring the finest outcomes.

Patient Stories
From Diagnosis to Recovery

We feel a sense of pride to share the inspiring and uplifting accounts of individuals who have overcome medical challenges with courage, strength, and resilience. These amazing people offer hope to others who may be facing similar health issues.

IBS Hospital’s patient stories highlight the incredible spirit and determination of our patients who refuse to give-up and the unwavering support of their families and caregivers.

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International Patient

Trusted by Patients in India and Abroad

IBS Hospital's team of highly skilled and compassionate medical professionals provides personalized care to patients not only from various states in India, including Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and others but also from around the world.

Our reputation for excellence has earned the trust of patients from countries such as Sudan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Afghanistan, and Europe who seek affordable and unavailable medical treatments in their home countries.

Most Advanced Neurorehab In Asia

Regaining Abilities with Advanced Neurological-Robotic Rehabilitation

IBS Cybernics Centre is Asia's most specialised facility that provides Advanced Neuro-robotic Rehabilitation. The centre utilizes cutting-edge robotic technology and neuroplasticity to help patients recover their physical, cognitive, and functional abilities. Patients suffering from neurological or spinal injuries or conditions can find hope for recovery and improvement in their overall quality of life here


IBS Hospital Empowers Your Treatment with Cutting-edge Technology

We continuously incorporate cutting-edge technologies from around the world into our offerings, such as a surgical system that allows for precise and confident complex procedures. We use magnetic stimulation to treat certain neurological conditions and create personalised brain maps for tailored treatment plans. Nerve monitoring during surgeries ensures the nervous system is not compromised, and a robotic exoskeleton aids in mobility issues. Our goal at IBS Hospital is to provide the best care possible, utilising the latest and most innovative technologies available.

Our team of experts that make it possible

Meet the team of highly specialised and experienced neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedicians, and other experts in the field of neurology and spine care. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised and compassionate care to each patient, with the goal of helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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