Spinal Injections

Precision Relief: Spinal Injections at IBS Hospital

Discover the power of spinal injections at IBS Hospital. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques to provide precise relief from back and neck pain. Experience a more comfortable and active life today

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What are Spinal Injections?

Spinal injections are recommended as a pain management treatment to relieve or reduce back pain. They can be used for both diagnosing the source of back, leg, neck, or arm pain and as a treatment to alleviate pain.

These injections are administered under X-ray guidance called fluoroscopy, ensuring precise placement of the medication.  Before administering the medication, a liquid contrast is injected. If necessary, additional dye may be used until the correct flow is achieved, which may also involve repositioning the needle. Finally, the injection is administered.

What is the process / patient journey for Spinal Injections at IBS Hospital?

Outpatient Surgery / Same day discharge:
The procedure can be done either as a daycare procedure or on an outpatient basis. After the injection is administered, the patient will be monitored for one hour and then discharged.

What is the follow-up and recovery timeline?

Follow-up is required only if you experience any side effects from the injection. Otherwise, you can resume your normal daily activities the following day.

Our team of experts that make it possible

Meet the team of highly specialised and experienced neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedicians, and other experts in the field of neurology and spine care. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised and compassionate care to each patient, with the goal of helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.


IBS Hospital Empowers Your Treatment with Cutting-edge Technology

We continuously incorporate cutting-edge technologies from around the world into our offerings, such as a surgical system that allows for precise and confident complex procedures. We use magnetic stimulation to treat certain neurological conditions and create personalised brain maps for tailored treatment plans. Nerve monitoring during surgeries ensures the nervous system is not compromised, and a robotic exoskeleton aids in mobility issues. Our goal at IBS Hospital is to provide the best care possible, utilising the latest and most innovative technologies available.

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