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At IBS Hospital, our Neurosurgery Department excels with innovative, experienced, and compassionate neurosurgeon doctors in Delhi delivering exceptional outcomes. If you're seeking a top neurosurgeon in Delhi, look no further than IBS Hospital. As pioneers in breakthroughs, we provide unparalleled surgical excellence. We are New Delhi's largest program with esteemed faculty, advanced facilities, and precision in both conventional and minimally invasive procedures for seamless recovery.


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IBS Hospital Empowers Your Treatment with Cutting-edge Technology

We continuously incorporate cutting-edge technologies from around the world into our offerings, such as a surgical system that allows for precise and confident complex procedures. We use magnetic stimulation to treat certain neurological conditions and create personalised brain maps for tailored treatment plans. Nerve monitoring during surgeries ensures the nervous system is not compromised, and a robotic exoskeleton aids in mobility issues. Our goal at IBS Hospital is to provide the best care possible, utilising the latest and most innovative technologies available.

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