Spine Care

Spine Care

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Looking for a Spine Surgeon in Delhi? Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) uses advanced technology and innovative techniques performed by our experienced spine surgeons in Delhi to treat back and neck pain caused by a variety of spinal disorders. The procedure involves a smaller incision, resulting in faster recovery times and less post-operative pain.

Scoliosis - If your curve is greater than 45 to 50 degrees, surgery might be recommended by one of our highly qualified spine surgeons in Delhi. Several factors may influence this decision. Scoliosis surgery typically involves spinal fusion, where the curved vertebrae are fused together to prevent the curve from worsening and promote healing.


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Trust the expertise of our spine surgeons in Delhi to help you achieve a pain-free and active life. 


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We continuously incorporate cutting-edge technologies from around the world into our offerings, such as a surgical system that allows for precise and confident complex procedures. We use magnetic stimulation to treat certain neurological conditions and create personalised brain maps for tailored treatment plans. Nerve monitoring during surgeries ensures the nervous system is not compromised, and a robotic exoskeleton aids in mobility issues. Our goal at IBS Hospital is to provide the best care possible, utilising the latest and most innovative technologies available.

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