Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

alizing Nerve Function: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Experience renewed comfort and vitality with Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. Our gentle approach is designed to soothe nerve-related concerns, helping you rediscover the joy of painfree living. Allow our dedicated team to guide you towards enhanced well-being and an improved quality of life.

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What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

When pain becomes chronic and long-lasting, and when medications and therapy are no longer effective, our neurosurgeons at IBS Hospital can offer Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) to ease your pain. Peripheral nerve stimulators work similarly to spinal cord stimulators, except that they send mild electrical currents directly to nerves outside the spinal cord. These peripheral nerves, which extend from your spinal cord to the limbs and organs in your body, are the direct targets of the stimulation.

How is a a patient’s suitability determined for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation treatment ?

We begin with a neuropsychological examination. Similar to spinal cord stimulation, we start with a trial run, testing your response to temporary electrodes placed along the length of the offending peripheral nerve. If your pain does not subside significantly, we will remove the electrodes. However, if the trial is successful, we will proceed to implant permanent electrodes at the nerve site. An internal, battery-operated stimulator will then be inserted under the skin. These batteries, designed to last for several years, can be easily replaced when needed. Once the stimulator is in place, we customize the electrical pulse settings to provide the highest level of pain relief.

What is the process for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation and what are its safety aspects ?

We typically perform this procedure under local anesthesia. PNS is an extremely safe procedure that has been in use since the 1960s to treat various neurological symptoms.

Some of the conditions we treat with PNS include:

  • Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain
  • Nerve Injuries, such as those causing Foot Drop Syndromes
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Post-Amputation Pain Syndrome

Our team of experts that make it possible

Meet the team of highly specialised and experienced neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedicians, and other experts in the field of neurology and spine care. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised and compassionate care to each patient, with the goal of helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.


IBS Hospital Empowers Your Treatment with Cutting-edge Technology

We continuously incorporate cutting-edge technologies from around the world into our offerings, such as a surgical system that allows for precise and confident complex procedures. We use magnetic stimulation to treat certain neurological conditions and create personalised brain maps for tailored treatment plans. Nerve monitoring during surgeries ensures the nervous system is not compromised, and a robotic exoskeleton aids in mobility issues. Our goal at IBS Hospital is to provide the best care possible, utilising the latest and most innovative technologies available.

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