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03, November 2023

Advancements in Dystonia Treatment in India

Dystonia is a complex neurological condition that drastically impacts a person’s movement by giving rise to involuntary muscle contractions, often resulting in an abnormal posture. Living with the condition can be very challenging as it is not limited to just one part of the body and can potentially interfere with a person’s ability to perform simple daily tasks. The intensity of the symptoms ranges from mild to severe, based on which the treatment strategies vary widely. Fortunately, there have been tremendous advancements in dystonia treatment in India, making it one of the most trusted destinations for patients. In this blog, we have elaborated on some of the most innovative modalities that can help in the effective management of the condition.

It is pertinent to understand that dystonia does not affect everyone in the same manner. The symptoms generally tend to vary and aggravate with stress and anxiety. These may not be noticeable initially and tend to become more prominent with time. Based on the age of the patient at the age of the onset, it is classified into 3 categories:

  • Childhood-onset - Seen in the age group of 0 to 12 years
  • Adolescent onset - Seen in the age group of 13 to 20 years
  • Adult-onset - Seen in the age group of 20 and above

Depending on the body part that has been affected, dystonia can be classified into the following types:

  • Focal dystonia, which is limited to just one part of the body
  • Segmental dystonia, which involves two or more parts of the body
  • Primary dystonia, which does not have a known cause
  • Secondary dystonia, which is a result of an underlying factor
  • Heredodegenerative dystonia, which is caused by genetic factors

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): 

Deep brain stimulation is one of the major breakthroughs in dystonia treatment. This involves controlled stimulation of a specific part of the brain, i.e. globus pallidus (GPi) with the help of tiny electrodes that are implanted surgically. One of the noteworthy benefits of DBS is that it allows targeting the affected areas of the brain with added precision while allowing adjustable stimulation. This means that the intensity of the electrical impulses can be easily controlled and altered to suit the specific needs of the patients. Doctors specializing in dystonia treatment in Delhi suggest that the procedure can help the patient gain control over lost motor function and also aid in managing associated symptoms. 

Botox Injections

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections are commonly used in cosmetic procedures and that’s how a lot of people know about them. Surprisingly, these may also be used to relieve the symptoms of focal dystonia, which usually affects the neck, eyes, jaw, wrist, hands and fingers. In order to target the affected muscles with added accuracy, doctors used advanced imaging modalities like electromyography (EMG) and ultrasound. The injection works by temporarily paralyzing the concerned muscle and is generally given on an outpatient basis. It is important to note that the effect is temporary a does not offer a permanent solution.

Multidisciplinary Care

Dystonia is a complex condition which often calls for the need for a multidisciplinary approach. Top hospitals for dystonia treatment in India bring together a team of expert neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, pain management specialists, speech therapists and neurorehabilitation experts to carry out a thorough assessment of the patients and tailor a personalized treatment plan that addresses their particular needs. The collaborative approach has worked wonders for many patients and serves as a beacon of hope for countless more. 

Dystonia treatment in India has evolved tremendously. Procedures like deep brain stimulation and Botox injections offer a ray of hope to patients, giving them a chance at a better life. If you wish to explore the finest treatment options for dystonia, you can consult the best doctor at IBS Hospital, who will help you deal with the problem using a personalized approach. 

Dr Aaksha Shukla By -Dr Aaksha Shukla | November 03, 2023 | 9 Min Read

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