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04, June 2024

Knee Arthroscopy Cost in Delhi, India

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, which requires smaller incisions (cuts) compared with traditional surgeries. The incisions are about the size of a keyhole.

Knee arthroscopy is used by medical experts to diagnose and treat a range of knee problems. A tiny camera is inserted through an incision by your healthcare professional during arthroscopic knee surgery. The interior of your knee is visible to the camera. The pictures show up on the operating room screen. They aid in your doctor's diagnosis of internal knee issues. Your healthcare provider makes another incision to introduce tiny tools to fix injuries or structural issues. They remove or restore damaged tissue using the tools.

Knee arthroscopy costs in India may vary for different individuals based on a number of factors, including the necessity for pre-operative evaluations and testing, the patient's health, the length of hospital stay, the diagnosis, the methods employed to treat the condition, the type of anesthesia utilized, and numerous others. The following article explains in detail the cost and the factors that affect the cost of knee arthroscopy.

How Much Does Knee Arthroscopy Cost In India?

Costs for knee arthroscopy differ from person to person depending on a number of variables. The cost of knee arthroscopy is mostly determined by the patient's condition, the hospital's governing body (private or public), and the degree of experience of the treating physician. Knee arthroscopies in India usually cost INR 70,000 on average and can range from INR 55,000 to INR 206,000.

Exploring The Costs Of Knee Arthroscopy In Various Cities In India:

The following table represents the average cost of knee arthroscopy in various Indian cities:

City Average Cost (INR)
Bangalore Rs.150,000
Chennai Rs.135,000
Delhi Rs.165,000
Coimbatore Rs. 70,000
Hyderabad Rs.142,000
Gurgaon Rs.165,000
Pune Rs.135,000
Noida Rs.165,000
Visakhapatnam Rs.70,000
Kolkata Rs.70,000


What Are The Factors Affecting Knee Arthroscopy Cost In Delhi, India?

The following are the factors affecting knee arthroscopy costs in Delhi, India:

  • Hospital Facilities: The cost of knee arthroscopy can range from one hospital to another, depending on the infrastructure and reputation of the hospital. Added costs will be incurred by hospital units fitted with cutting-edge technology, specialists in joints and high-tech equipment.
  • Expertise and Reputation of the Surgeon: Knee arthroscopy fees charged by highly skilled and reputable surgeons may be higher as compared to other doctors who are inexperienced and less well-known.
  • Complexity of the procedure: The price of the arthroscopic surgery modifies in unique situations as far as additional augmentations, repairs, or tissue removal is concerned.
  • Cost of diagnostic imaging: To understand the present condition of your joint, your doctor may require an MRI or X-ray before arthroscopy. These radiographies may increase the total cost of knee arthroscopy.
  • Operating Room Fees and Anaesthesia Fees: The costs for anesthesia and operating room (how long the therapy takes) also have a role in determining the cost of knee arthroscopy.
  • Post-Operative care: It is essential to keep a budget for post-operative care after knee arthroscopy which includes prescription drugs,  physical therapy and regular follow-up visits. It can be diverse, ranging from stipulation for length and type of post-operative care, that will have the effect of final cost increase.
  • Length of Hospital Stay: An additional element that may affect the cost of knee arthroscopy is the length of the hospital stay. Extended stays may lead to higher costs because of rising room rates, the cost of prescription drugs, and other associated factors.
  • Insurance Coverage: The amount of money paid out of pocket for a knee arthroscopy can be greatly influenced by the extent of insurance coverage. Some insurance policies may only pay a portion of the expenses; others may have restrictions or exclusions.

What Is The Process For Performing Knee Arthroscopy In Delhi?

The knee arthroscopy in Delhi involves the following steps:

  • Your legs are cleaned and stabilized with a device. The stabilizing device makes sure that your knee stays in the proper position throughout the procedure
  • Your healthcare professionals will make a small incision (tiny cut) in your knees.
  • An arthroscope (tiny camera) is inserted through the small incision.  In the operating room, pictures taken by the camera are displayed on a screen.
  • Healthcare professionals use these images to diagnose the condition and to guide the instruments to repair the damages. If you require surgery, your healthcare professionals make other incisions in your knee and insert tiny tools through them.
  • Healthcare professionals use specially made tools to repair torn tissues, shave off damaged bone or cartilage and remove inflamed or damaged tissues.
  • Closes the incisions with small bandages or stitches, and wraps your knee with a larger bandage or dressing.


Procedures for knee arthroscopy are secure and efficient. They assist medical professionals in identifying and treating a variety of injuries without requiring extensive cuts. Compared to traditional (open) surgery, minimally invasive methods usually involve a shorter recovery period. After the treatment, if your healthcare professional suggests a physical therapy programme, be sure to adhere to their advice. Following a physical therapy programme can help you regain your mobility after surgery.

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Q: What Is The Cost Of Knee Arthroscopy In Delhi?

A: The cost of knee arthroscopy varies from patient to patient based on several factors. Knee arthroscopies in Delhi usually cost INR 1,65,000 on average and can range from INR 1,23,000 to INR 206,000.

Q: Do Insurance Companies Pay For Knee Arthroscopy?

A: Depending on the exact terms and circumstances of the policy, compensation for knee arthroscopy surgery may come from health insurance or mediclaim coverage. When arthroscopy surgery is determined to be medically essential, most health insurance plans pay for it. Nevertheless, the nature of the medical condition and the conditions of the insurance may have an impact on the amount of coverage.   You must confirm the specifics of your health insurance coverage with them prior to having an arthroscopy.

Q: Which Hospital Is Best For Knee Arthroscopy In Delhi?

A: IBS hospital is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Delhi, India to get expert treatments for bone-related conditions. If you need to get the greatest treatments and personalized care in knee arthroscopy, it is advisable to visit IBS hospital. Schedule a consultation now!

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